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e-Charge, cable Mode2, Schuko - type 2, 6A, 1,5+4M

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e-Charge, cable Mode2, Schuko - type 2, 6A, 1,5+4M
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DELTACO e-Charge EV-1230 charging cable fits all vehicles with a Type 2 socket for those who want to charge via a standard Schuko type wall socket, mode 2 charging. Charging current 6A.User friendly, no settings can be made on the charger just connect it to the outlet and then to the car to start charging. Silver-plated connections ensure good contact and long service life. Connection cable length 1.5M, charging cable length 4M, total length 5.5M. The Type 2 connector is equipped with a dust cover to protect against dust, dirt, and moisture during storage.The cable's control box has a built-in RCD type A (30mA) and DC protection (6mA). LEDs indicate charging progress and status during charging.The cable is made of a TPU material that provides good resistance to oil, fire, abrasion, and UV light. The cable is also flexible in the cold and halogen-free according to EN50620.When charging, the Type2 handle is mechanically locked in the car to prevent accidental disconnection, to interrupt charging and disconnect the Type2 handle see the vehicle's manual for instructions.Elsäkerhetsverket in Sweden, DSB in Norway, Tukes in Finland and Sikkerhedsstyrelsen in Denmark all advise against regular charging in standard wall and engine heater sockets. NOTE: Some local deviations occur. But generally, this is recommended:• Old or incorrect connections and cable branches in the property can cause overheating at high load, which in turn can lead to fire. Therefore, have an electrical installation company check the electrical installation.• Regular wall and engine heater sockets (Schuko) are not made for electric car charging and cannot handle recurring high loads for a long time.• Extension cords should not be used as there is a risk that the fuse will not protect properly. In addition, if the control box or extension cord ends up on the ground, these can be easily damaged. Do not use any equipment between the socket and the charging cable.

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