WiFi light chain, 5m, 40 led, adapter,IP44, RGB

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WiFi light chain, 5m, 40 led, adapter,IP44, RGB
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DELTACO SMART HOME WiFi light chain, indoor/outdoor, multi-color, 40-LEDs, IP-44, 5 m

With SH-LRGB5M from DELTACO SMART HOME, you can easily and quickly create beautiful light decorations, perfect as Christmas lighting, DIY projects or as decorative lighting all year round. Use on your patio/balcony to create a cozy atmosphere or use indoors to create beautiful light decorations that enhance the mood and give that little extra to the interior. Just plug the included power adapter into a free outlet and you're good to go.

With the DELTACO SMART HOME app, you take care of all handling for the light chain. The installation is quick and easy, all you need is a working wireless network, ie. no special hubs or gateways. In the DELTACO SMART HOME app, you can control light chains individually or divide them into different rooms for easy handling of a group of light chains. In addition to turning on or off, you can set the color and timer if you want the light chain to turn off after a certain time. Alternatively, you can schedule specific times when it should be on or off. The DELTACO SMART HOME app also provides the ability to create automatic actions. For example, you can make the light chain turn on when the sun has set, or if you want to group several light chains together to perform the same thing at a given time. The DELTACO SMART HOME app is of course available to download for free for both Android and iOS.

The SH-LRGB5M can also be connected and voice controlled together with Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa for easy integration to the smart home.

NOTE. The light chain cannot be set to glow in a single color.

• 40 LEDs
• 5-year warranty
• Power adapter included
• Multi-color (red, green, blue, yellow)
• 8 pre-programmed lighting modes
• WiFi: 2.4 GHz, 802.11 b/g/n
• IP-44: use indoors/outdoors
• Timer function and scheduling with app
• Compatible with: DELTACO SMART HOME app, Amazon Alexa and Google Home

Package contents: Smart LED light chain and manual.

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